Meeting Notes

Both sides must take notes of each meeting. Each team should designate a person to take notes. This is a very important step in the negotiations process. Not only does taking notes help you remember what was discussed each night, but your notes also become your document of proof in the case of a disagreement with the other side as to what was agreed upon. If your notes are disorganized, incomplete or don’t include all important information, you will not be prepared.


Tips for Note Taking in Negotiations:

  • Note who was taking the notes

  • Note the time that the meeting starts and stops

  • Record who was present for the meeting from each side

  • Note if and when a break or caucus was taken

  • State each provision that was discussed

  • Record all proposals given and the key points of each proposal

  • Record each side’s response to the proposals

  • Do not try to take verbatim notes of the conversation. Record only key points.

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